Sunday, April 29, 2012

Posies - New Floral Works

Susanne Clark - 2012 - Purple Green Posy - 20 x 20
A few weeks ago I decided to work on some color studies and chose florals as the basis for this study.

Florals are something I haven't painted in years, I had the idea that they were a bit old fashioned, but I decided that they were ideal for my intention of doing paintings in a variety of different colors, and in color combinations that I would never usually choose.
Susanne Clark - 2012 - Posy in Magenta and Blue  - 12 x 12
I also wanted to use more paint in my work.  I often find that I am very mean with the amount of paint I use, trying to cover large areas of the canvas with a miserable amount of paint on my palette. I think this comes from the fact that much of my previous work was created by layering many thin layers of paint to build up a rich depth of color.

The idea with these studies was also to work very loosely with no attempt to create real flowers but just to give the impression of flowers.

I call them my "Posies" an old fashioned name for flower bouquets.

I really enjoyed this exercise and feel I learned a lot.  You can see the whole range on my Fine Art America site.  What do you think?  Are florals old fashioned?


Eva said...

Very colorful Susanne. I'm sure they will be popular at FAA as are all of your works.

Susanne said...

Thanks Eva. I posted this a week or so ago and then the post disappeared. I'm not sure what happened. They were an interesting diversion to work on.

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