Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Printmaking or Painting - What Sells Best At Art Festivals?

"Jester" Handpainted Blockprint. SOLD

Two weeks ago I exhibited at the Lions Fine Art Show and Sale at the Waterfront Festival in Cobourg, Ontario.  I love this show because it's in a beautiful setting right on the beach.

I was showing both printmaking and non representational paintings like the one below.  While I got lots of great comments on my paintings it was the printmaking that sold really well. 

Small Orange Abstract 12 x 12 inches
I want to make it clear that the printmaking process I am talking about is creating original artworks printed by hand using a printing press and not a digital reproduction of a photograph or artwork.  My main technique is Collagraph but I also had some handpainted blockprints on show.
I thought that printmaking may sell better because the work is usually less expensive than paintings but although I have shown small paintings on many occasions they just don't seem as popular.  I find that people prefer the larger ones.
"Ladies"  Collagraph on paper.  SOLD
So, back to the printmaking ....  I'm not sure what makes it more appealing.  It could be the subject matter, my printmaking tends to be more decorative in style, or perhaps it just looks nice because it has a nice clean look with a white mat around it and a frame.  What do you think?
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