Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Artist Blogs - Are They Written For The Wrong People?

Jester's Rattle
Original Blockprint
$99.00 unframed

Like many artists I am still trying to find my way with my blog and one thing that I wonder about is am I writing it for the right people.  Who do I want to read my blog and what is its purpose?

 Many art blogs seem to be more for other artists, with technique tips and marketing ideas, and not much for non artists who are art lovers.
As an artist I love to see what other artists are doing in their studios but wouldn't it be great if a blog was also really interesting for art enthusiasts and potential buyers as well.  What does it need to make it that way?

Perhaps it would tell more about the creative art process and give a personal insight into who the artist really is and what motivates them?  Maybe we talk about these things but just don't go deep enough or expose ourselves enough. Do we focus on showing our professional side and not let some of the nitty gritty raw feelings come out?  Would that make it more compelling?

What do you think?  As a non artist what would you really like to read about?

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