Friday, February 10, 2012

Art in Portugal

I'm very lucky to be in Portugal on holiday.  When I'm away I love to go and see local art so I'm always looking for Galleries however here in the Algarve in Portugal they are almost non existent.  This is my third visit here and I think I have only found five in total but yesterday was very exciting because I actually found a really nice one with some interesting work.  The young lady working there said that people in Portugal don't buy much art.  I'm sure the poor economy has a lot to do with it but it appears that there just isn't much interest.

I bought art materials here with me and intended doing some art each day but it's hard not to be seduced by the beautiful weather outside and the interesting places to visit.  To justify my lack of work I have been taking lots of photos.  Yesterday we went to a totally amazing church called the Sao Lourenco Chapel.  The walls inside were completely covered in blue painted tiles showing the martyrdom of St Lourenco or Lawrence as I guess his name is in English.  It was absolutely amazing and quite beautiful inside despite the awful theme. It is a small chapel or church but one of the most stunning I have seen.  Taking photos inside was not allowed but here are a couple from the outside.
Sao Lourenco Chapel
Blue tile picture on the back of Sao Lourenco Chapel
The beaches are fantastic.  A day or so ago we went to a small town called Luz where we sat in the sun outside and had lunch overlooking the sea.  The scenery was amazing.  We felt very lucky to be here.
Beach at Luz, Algarve, Portugal
View from our lunch spot at Luz
More to come.
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