Monday, November 30, 2009

Drawing the Nude
Life Drawing at the AGO

The last few weeks I have been going to the drop in life drawing session at the Art gallery of Ontario. It's in a really super space. The room is huge with a very high ceiling and they have several classes going on at the same time and the life drawing is at the centre of it all. What I like is being able to walk around during the break and see what the people in the painting classes are doing. It's a great atmsophere and I have already met some very nice people.

My life drawing is pretty rusty but even after a few weeks I can feel it starting to come back. I have posted a photo here of one of the pages from today's session. Because the poses are very quick, the average lasting around 5 mins, I like to do several on a page. I'm not concerned about making something pretty, it's just a matter of getting something down. You may wonder what all the marks are across the figure, well it's just to break up the shapes and if I do a lot of images on the same page it starts to build interesting patterns. It's great to be back drawing again after all the goings on of the last few months.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No Naked Walls-
and now twitter
I spent yesterday getting myself on twitter. Everything I have read says that it is a must to be on and that social media is going to be huge in the coming years. I'm not yet convinced but I thought I should dive in and see where it leads. Doing a custom page, which the experts say you really need to make it stand out from the millions, was quite difficult for me and I found it hard to find simple instructions on how to go about twitter customization. Most of the instructions on the web assume a pretty good understanding of photoshop however after a day of playing around I learned a lot. I used the painting Jazz 1 as a backdrop but this may change. Any comments would be appreciated plus your feelings about the use of social media. Oh, my twitter page is susanneclarkart

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Painting and Printmaking:
My New Studio Space

It may be on the small side but it's still great to have my own studio space. My first project will be to try printmaking on board instead of paper. I have primed a nice smooth board and I'm working on what I want to put on it. It's been hard to get into the studio with so much else going on since we moved here. Our non paying tenant in Atlanta finally left and we have re-let the house so now we can move on with our life.
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