Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Beaches Arts and Crafts Show
This weekend I'm participating in the Beaches Arts and Crafts Show held in the very trendy "Beaches" area of Toronto.  It's the first festival of the season, the first time I have done this show and it will also be the first time that I have shown only printmaking so it will be an interesting few days.  It's great to be getting back into "Art Mode" as the past few months have been full of renovations and all the messy work that entails....the wrong kind of painting for instance!  We are really pleased with the results of our labour but glad to be finished. 

This week I have been busy matting up prints, and getting work into frames.  I have gone with the standard plain black frame on most work except for the "Kimono prints" which are in white.  The "Kimono" prints are more feminine so the lighter frame colour works better. It's been fun getting all my printmaking work out and I'm really looking forward to seeing it hanging together in the tent so that I can get a clearer view of the work overall.  Most of the pieces are collagraphs but I'm also showing some block prints on paper and an experimental one on wood panel.  I'm a bit concerned that there is too much variety in the imagery I've chosen to show but I can select and edit as I hang the work.  It's much more problematic showing works under glass at an outdoor show so I hope we get nice sunny warm weather. 

As an update on people using images from artists websites without permission, I came across one of my paintings being used on the Patio Bar blog, in Faro, Portugal, as publicity for a jazz concert.  http://opatiobarfaro.blogspot.com/2009/11/j-z-z-z_19.html   I have decided to take it as a compliment.

My son and daughter in law recently moved to live in our house in the apartment unit below us.  It's working out wonderfully and I will write about it in another post.  It will only be for a year or a bit more so we are making the most of this very special time.  They have their second baby due to arrive at any time and are hoping for another home birth so the next few days will be very exciting.


Eva said...

You have so much energy! Good luck with the show. As for the copyright stuff, I hope you can live with it.As you couldn't afford to go after all the "perps". The internet provides the perfect opportunity for that sort of thing. People think if they change it a little it's okay.The price of being a wonderful artist :O)

Heather said...

Good Luck with the show this weekend - I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing about the whole event! I've got my fingers crossed for good weather for you!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Best wishes for a very successful show Susanne. I'm anxious to hear about the public's response to your printmaking only in this one.

An congrats too on the pending birth of another grandchild!

I like your 'taking the high road approach' on the use of your artwork on another website.

Donna said...

Hi Susanne: I went to the blog to see how they used your picture and saw that they did give you credit. Maybe you'll get some extra hits on your website as a result - good publicity. Good luck at the art show!

Susanne said...

Thank you all for the good wishes and comments. I'll take some photos at the show and post them next week. Thunder storms are forecast but they usually get it wrong so I hope that's the case this time.

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Looks like things are falling into place Susanne! Wishing you great weather and success at the show.

How did you find your work on that site? Do you plan to contact them at all?

Susanne said...

I think I found it through the Statcounter stats about my site Deborah. They list the referring URL for visitors. I clicked on that because it looked unusual and it took me to a google page with image results for susanne clark. There were three or so of my art works plus a photo of another susanne clark. I clicked on each photo and the Jazzy Cello pic took me to the Patio Bar. I found one the same way once before. I often check the URL just out of curiosity to know how visitors find my site.

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