Sunday, March 28, 2010

Exhibition in Ottawa

I am sitting in the middle of my living room with furniture and books stacked up everywhere.  Tomorrow we move upstairs into our newly renovated apartment.  We still won't have a working bathroom or kitchen as I still have all the tiling to do in both rooms before the plumber can connect up all the fittings, but our son and family is moving into our current unit so we will be able to use their facilities until ours are finished. It has been a huge undertaking because we have been doing most of the work ourselves. An amazing contractor refinished the old floors yesterday making them look brand new and that was the finishing touch.. As well as all this on Thursday I have an exhibition to hang in Ottawa, a four hour drive away.  I have packed up all my work and done the labels but I am still worried that I will have forgotten something. There has been too much happening. Today I was frantic because I went to pick up some paintings that were on show at the Music Institute and when I got home I couldn't find one of them. After an hour of hunting and unpacking art work that I had just wrapped for the Ottawa exhibition I finally found it tucked into a neat little space between two other works.  Once the exhibition is up I will be able to spend a few days meeting up with old friends and enjoying a break before returning to complete the work in the house.  Once that is done it will be back to my normal life and art.  I can't wait!


Kathleen Krucoff said...

I hope you have a great Exhibition in Ottawa! Sounds like you have had quite the hectic time and I hope things settle down for you.

Eva said...

Wow! I wish I had a little of your energy and ambition. You are amazing. I am so glad you found your painting. Been there, done that and it's really like losing a part of our self. We invest so much into our creations.

Heather said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you at Francesco's Saturday and seeing your paintings displayed on the beautiful wall space there - Good Luck with the show!

Susanne said...

Things are getting better by the minute. We had these two amazing young guys come in for two hours to move all the big stuff and they were finished in a hour! We spent the rest of the day taking all the small things up the stairs but by tomorrow we will be finished.

You are right Eva, losing a work is like losing a bit of ones self.

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