Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where Does All My Time Go?

This weekend, seems to me, to have been completely wasted. I spent hours on the computer updating things on my web site and trying to set up a paypal system so that I can sell reproductions of some of my paintings online. The web site building program I use is called Homestead and it's really good and easy to use however the thing I find most problematic is sorting out the shipping and taxes. Unfortunately at the level I have in Homestead they don't offer a shipping and taxes option so I have to build all those into the pricing. Entering all the info and pictures in just takes time. Perhaps I was just procrastinating about starting another painting or print!

I have run out of steam and enthusiasm for doing a small print to enter in BIMPE. I find small really hard to do. I think I will go back to bigger things!

One thing I did achieve this week was making a submission to an exhibition coming up that is focused on Music, and I donated a couple of paintings for a charity fundraiser here in Dunwoody.

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