Sunday, October 02, 2011

"Alchemy in Colour" Exhibition

View from the front entrance
On Sept 15 my solo show "Alchemy in Colour" opened in the beautiful Marianne van Silfhout Gallery at St Lawrence College, Brockville in Ontario Canada. 

View of the gallery
When I arrived and saw the whole gallery full of my work I had quite a strange feeling!.  After spending time working so closely on the pieces you become very intimate with them but seeing them again like that, it was as though they had suddenly developed their own identity.  A bit like the the children you nurture and watch grow up knowing them so well, and then suddenly they are their own person and stand separate.  Not that this is a bad thing .... it's as it should be.  
Collagraph "Under the Hot Sun" by the guest book
 So there was my work arranged around the walls like separate moments in time each one exposing a part of me to be either liked, disliked or ignored. I had an odd feeling of distance and was slightly amazed that I had actually created all this work! 

With my daughter Trudy and husband Brian

To send my work out into the world in such a beautiful gallery was a wonderful experience.   I was also very appreciative of my friends who made the journey to be at the opening.  It was very special to have you there.

If you've experienced a similar feeling when confronted with your work in a new setting please tell me about it.


Eva said...

Congratulations!Your talent and hard work has paid off. Your show looks wonderful. I can even fantasize that the large roller I gave you may have played a part in it :O)

Susanne said...

Thank you so much for your very nice comment Eva. I think any work would look good in such a wonderful space!

Yes your roller was used on my favorite piece in the show. I use it a lot and think of you and your generous gift each time.

Eva said...

You asked If I've experienced a similar feeling when confronted with my work in a new setting and the answer is yes! Although my solo shows were in collage galleries, the settings were great and I could not believe it was my work.

Susanne said...

It was so interesting to hear that you had the same feeling Eva! Isn't it strange.

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

What a bee-u-tee-ful show, Susanne! Congratulations.

I agree, it's strange to see your work all together in a professional setting. For the solo shows I've had, I've found myself asking 'Wow did I really do all this?? Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself!" lol

Best of luck and good fortunes for your show.

Susanne said...

Thanks Deborah. It seems we all get quite amazed in such a situation.

Unfortunately I don't live in the town where the exhibit is on show so I can't pop in to take another look but I do hope to see it again before it all comes down.

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