Friday, August 13, 2010

More Art

Here are more artists whose work I find interesting.

Patrica Nix.  I found her work included, along with several other artists, in a wonderful Annual Report publication for the company Capgemini.  I was so impressed with the idea of putting art in a business publication and I'm sure they would be pleased to know that their 2004 report is still giving such pleasure.  Wouldn't it be great if more companies did this.

Hughie O'Donoghue.  I was fortunate to see a most amazing exhibition of his work at the War Museum North in the UK.  The exhibition called "Painting Caserta Red" based on his father's experiences during the was, was fantastic and the scale of some of the work was amazing.  He did a special piece for the space and it must have been about 40 feet high. I have been trying to find a photo of it on the web but can only find a small picture of one that is similar.  Go to the last image on this link. The link images don't do justice to his work and unfortunately there aren't many images of his work on the web.
Here is a link to another of his works.

Kimo Minton.  I found his work at Tew Gallery when I was living in Atlanta.  He works on large wood panels.  They are absolutely gorgeous.  One of my friends who was visiting actually bought one and had it shipped back to New Zealand where she lives.  She is in good company as I believe Elton John has one too.

Sean Scully. I saw an exhibition of his large abstracts when I was living in the UK but I also saw one in the High Museum in Atlanta.  The size, texture and colour in the work I found very appealing.

 What do you think of these?


Eva said...

Wow! These are very strong and provocative artists. I particularly liked Hughie O'Donoghue and how he combined his photography with paint. No attempt to disguise it, but instead made both photography and the painting the better for it.
I remember seeing Kimo's work and loving the wood panels. His style is much like the modernists of the early 1900's. Of course Scully's minimalist paintings are reminiscent of the 60's. Just goes to prove great art will always prevail and inspire.

Jo Reimer said...

I learned of Patricia Nix's work about 20 years ago when a local gallery had a show of her work. It blew me away. I immediately bought the catalog and refer to it often. I love her treatment of roses and sunflowers as well as historical figures and all in an abstract quilterly grid.
I had no idea that Sean Scully's work was so large. I like it a lot, perhaps because I used to piece quilts which had this same sort of graphic quality.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I've found other artists the same way, by clicking on their name because they left a comment that appealed to me.
I like your work and will return to see what you're doing.

Susanne said...

The Hughie O'Donoghue exhibition was amazing Eva and his use of photography was so well done. If I remember correctly some of the work was on metal panels and through the paint and photography you could see glints of the metal. The sheer size of some of the work was mind blowing. It could only be shown in an enormous gallery space like the Northern War Museum.

Susanne said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments Jo. It was good to hear that you liked Patricia Nix's work a lot too. In the report that I have there is the painting, "Queen Elizabeth 1 Variation Beetles," and it has beetles in the skirt. Very quirky!
I included the photo of Sean Scully with his work because I think it helps see the scale of work.

layers said...

thanks for all the links-- some wonderful artists are mentioned here.

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