Friday, February 05, 2010

Clown Collagraph Process

Some time back I was making a small collagraph plate.  It's just 4 inches square.  I had been playing around with some fun foam prints of the image but wanted to make a collagraph of it.  I'm not happy with the final result but like everything you learn by doing.  To make the features on the face I coated it with gloss medium and then drew the facial features into the wet medium.  This creates lines into the medium where the ink collects like intaglio. The gloss medium also wipes quite light which allows the inked lines to stand out.  What I don't like is how the face is a bit patchy and also that there is not enought texture in the hair. I will address this when I make another plate.  In the three following photos you will see:
1 The plate finished but not yet coated with sealant.
2 The plate after sealing with shellac.
3 The printed collagraph. You will notice that they print in reverse.


Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings Susanne,

I find this post very interesting and would look forward to learning more about this process.

Thank you for sharing,

Eva said...

Fasinating Susanne. Thank you for sharing.

-Don said...

I love my Artist Proof of this. It's sits in a place of honor in my studio. Thanks! I had never seen your blog about this process until tonight. I find it intriguing and will be researching it a bit more.


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