Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Art

After the last non art related post I am back on the art theme again. It's the time to apply for art shows and organize my art life. A week or so ago I received a very nice invitation by way of facebook to show my musical paintings in an exhibition called "Something Jazzy" in Illinois. Because my work is large I decided to find out the shipping cost before sending off the forms and was very discouraged to find out it would be over $350 each way including insurance. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that to send from Canada to the US requires going through customs however I can't justify spending that on shipping so unfortunately I will have to decline.

I spent several days last week preparing images and info for applying to local art fairs coming up in the spring and fall. It's a very time consuming activity and I have another couple to do this week. In April I will be showing my work in an Ottawa coffee shop gallery right in the area where we used to live so that will be fun as I will be able to reconnect with lots of friends and neighbours. I will also be showing in several other spots in Toronto.

I have also been working on a small collagraph print to submit to the Ottawa School of Art printmaking exhibition. At 4" x 4" it's quite a challenge for me as I usually do much bigger works. I hope to be able to ink it up and run it through the press later today and post it here but now I am off to life drawing at the AGO.


Eva said...

Of course you know by now that I love your work! I had planned to blog about your lovely Geisha piece this time, but I got sided tracked by the arrival of a new artist in town and teaching my grandson. It may be awhile as I'm deep into the online discussions about "what is the definition of art" It really is timely for me and my grandson.

John M. Mora said...

I came here by way of Eva - great work. My best.

Susanne said...

Thanks John for your comment. I have had a lot of visitors via Eva's post and feel very honored that she wrote about my painting especially as she is such an accomplished and creative artist.

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