Monday, February 16, 2009

Go Figure

Go Figure is the name of an exhibition that is currently showing here in Atlanta at the Spruill Gallery. It's a really good exhibition with a variety of work focused on the figure. A couple of weekends ago they held an event where three of the artists whose work is on show, spoke about their work. It was very interesting and one of the best events of it's kind that I heve been to. I got there early as I thought that there would be quite a crowd however there were only the three artists, the gallery director and assistant and less than five visitors! I was amazed and I think they were too. I think they had expected a lot of local art students to attend along with other members of the public. I'm sure it was very disapointing for them however they may need to look at their attitude to the public. When I first arrived in the area I went in to see an exhibit and then went and asked the person on the desk where I could find out about local art events or classes. He was very abrupt and not at all friendly or helpful. Every time since then when I have been there to see an exhibit I have found the staff very unwelcoming. I have never been greeted with a hello or welcome to the gallery and if I made a comment about how nice the show was I only got a curt reply. Prior to the Go Figure artists talk I met a friend and we went to see the exhibition. Once again we were not greeted and the gallery director came in and started talking to the assistant and ignored us. My friend mentioned to the assistant, as we were about to leave, that she thought it was a lovely exhibition to which we got no reply. Once outside my friend said to me how she thought that the girl was quite rude for not even answering and that she had found them very unfriendly whenever she had been in the gallery on previous occasions. Exactly my own experience. I find people in the area very helpful, polite and friendly and I can't understand why it's so bad at this gallery. Perhaps that's why they didn't get many visitors for their talk.

Just to brighten up this post I will attach one of my small abstracts.


Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Hi Susanne!

I just love how colorful your abstracts are; this one is quite lovely.

Your review of the Spruill Gallery is very informative and I can only hope if the gallery owner(s) read this, maybe they can take some positive steps to correct the situation. So sad.

Last year was the first time my husband and I attended an Artist's Talk event. It was held at Plus+Gallery in Denver and we went because we knew one of the artists (Riva Sweetrocket) that was going to speak. They had a huge turn out and as each artist spoke, it was just a wonderful revelation of how they went about creating their works. Everyone was so friendly, when we first arrived the gallery owner greeted us and chatted for quite a while. He's a very knowledgeable and friendly person. We felt welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. What a difference people can make when they are friendly, warm and inviting.

Hopefully the folks at Spruill are taking notes! ;)

Eva said...

Years ago the staff was a little better at Spruill, but it has never been super friendly. My guess, it being a non profit organization, probably supported by grants, members and tax write off donations, there is no incentive to be helpful. More often than not the exhibits are cutting edge and not geared to the buying public. Bottom line they have mostly curious browsers who ask a lot of questions and as a former festival artist I know how old that gets. I'm not excusing it, just offering my opinion.
p.s. It was good seeing you last week at AAC. Looks like we'll have to paint more realistically if we want to win awards there:-)The dark red piece of mine, Chinese Laundry" didn't even get in.LOL

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