Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Green Version

After printing up two or three versions of my 'lung tree' in blues I decided to do a green version which is probably more in keeping with the ecological idea. I think my name for this piece will be 'Breathe'.
Which one do you like best?


Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Hi Susanne!

Well, I like both of these, but I think my favorite is the one in blues. It just grabs my attention more. I do agree with you though, using the green one keeps with the theme of going green.

And I like the title too. Very cool.

As for spelling in American or English, I say do what ever you feel comfortable doing. I follow blogs over in England and see posts on other boards from folks who do not live in America and I rather enjoy seeing how they spell words and use phrases common for them. Makes for great diversity!


Heather said...

Hi Susanne,

My fav is the green - very vibrant and alive. The blue is good too - more dramatic, but cold, to me, anyway. The title is perfect! Great work!

As for the spelling, do whatever feels good to you - I certainly could never spell colour the American way! It just doesn't look or feel right!


Anonymous said...

Love the Lung Tree - breathe is a great title and it couldn't be a better encapsulation of an ecological idea. Should have all sorts of applications! I like the green colour best, probably because its just warmer than the blue, though I do like that too.

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