Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Abstract In Process Sailing Along

I have been busy in the studio again today. I had this nice sized canvas just waiting for something to be put on it. It's 30 inches square so a good size to work on. I wanted to work in a more abstract way again and while looking through a magazine I saw some pictures of sail boats. They have lovely swooping lines which really appeal to me. I seem to have a fixation for lines and flowing shapes.

Inspired by the sails I drew out a few shapes and then started adding lines and shapes that flowed organically from one to another until I got a basic design that I liked however I kept extending and deleting lines as I went along. Before I laid out the design on the canvas I made a messy underpainting with lots of colors and drips etc to get me started. I then began to block in the shapes by painting around each shape with color.

I have posted two photos of the process up to where I am now. I have lots of transparent layers ready for the next stage which is to start using more opaque paint You can see a couple of places where I have started this already. It's always exciting to see where the process leads and if it is successful or not.


Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Hi Susanne!

This is lovely. I can picture this as a piece of stained glass too. The flowing lines are wonderful!


Eva said...

I've been so caught up in all the current events that I haven't been keeping up with anyone's, including my own, blog. I love what you've been doing, but then I love all your work. The recent Sails paintings remind me so much of the work of 70's collagraph print maker, Donald Stoltenberg. Are you familiar with his work? Look him up I think you'll enjoy them too. Thanks for linking my blog. I returned the favor.

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